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RIP Antman (1/2/1983 - 5/31/2023)

On Wednesday, we lost our shop manager, our brother, our spirit, Anthony Smith Jr. This has been a painful time for us so we decided to close and take the remainder of the week to clear our heads and recover. We apologise for any inconvenience to anyone who had an appointment or tried to reach us. We send our love and prayers to his brother, Mike, sister, Brittany, his mother, Marjorie, his father, Anthony Sr., and to the rest of his family. We love you and we miss you. You will always be in our hearts. Rest easy, bro.

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awww prayers he was so sweet at the front desk .. this is sad …


Derrick Dormer
Derrick Dormer
Jun 05, 2023

He will be missed. He was A1.🙏🏿

Jun 03, 2023

Prayer Up for you All.. My deepest condolences 🙏🏾

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